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Video Tips

Green Side Bunker Shot

  • Ball position moved forward in stance
  • Slightly more weight on forward foot
  • Open stance with plenty of knee flex
  • Open clubface to increase the bounce
  • Swing club down and along body line
  • Clubface touches sand and not the ball
  • Draw a line in the sand during practice
  • Finish with a complete follow through

Chip and Run

  • Open stance with feet closer together
  • Majority of weight on the forward foot
  • Arms/shoulders triangle moves the club
  • Little to no wrist hinge during the swing
  • Hands ahead of the clubface at impact
  • Lower body remains steady and quiet
  • Brush the grass with a descending blow
  • Formula for 9 iron is 1/3 air & 2/3 ground

Buried Lie Shot

  • Use your highest lofted sand wedge
  • Play the ball in the center of your stance
  • Square clubface aimed directly at the target
  • Hinge the wrists earlier than a normal swing
  • Maintain a steeper angle approaching the sand
  • Follow through will be limited after contact
  • Ball releases and rolls forward substantially

Hybrid Shot

  • Alternative for tight lies near the green
  • Stance should come in closer to the ball
  • Choke down significantly on the handle
  • Ball placement is middle of the stance
  • Same grip you would use when putting
  • Arms to swing freely back and through  
  • Lower body has little if any movement
  • Ball rolls on top of the grass like a putt  

Lag Putting

  • Body alignment is parallel left of target line
  • Back and forward strokes equal same length
  • Spend time on practice green before play
  • Practice different lengths uphill and downhill
  • Maintain your same routine on the course
  • Observe surroundings as you approach a green
  • Locate area where water flows from the green
  • Check shades of grass to determine the grain

Wedge Game

  • Narrow stance with slightly open setup
  • Choke down about half way on the grip
  • Envision your swing as hands on a clock
  • Match backswing to the follow through
  • Swing your arms with limited wrist hinge
  • Limited movement with the lower body
  • Practice hitting shots different distances

Fairway Bunker Shot

  • Select enough loft to clear the bunker lip
  • Ball does not travel as far out of the sand
  • Ball positioned in the center of your stance
  • Dig your feet in the sand for a solid base
  • On the downswing catch ball first then sand
  • Choke down on the club handle one inch
  • Stand tall with limited lower body movement
  • Follow through should be high and complete

Pitch Shot

  • Use a sand wedge/lob wedge for loft
  • Distribute more weight to forward foot
  • Ball position in the center of your stance
  • Stance is slightly open to the target line
  • Create mentality of a downward strike
  • Avoid the temptation to scoop or lift
  • Wrists hinge to create clubhead speed
  • Body and hips rotate through the shot

Belly Putter

  • Very important you get fit properly
  • End of handle placed in your navel
  • Eyes should be directly over the ball
  • Light grip pressure during the stroke
  • Allow weight of the club to swing you
  • Tempo the key to successful results
  • Count one-two to help your tempo


  • Arms hang relaxed and free of any tension
  • Eyes are positioned directly over the ball
  • Ball positioned slightly forward of center
  • Hands positioned slightly ahead of putter
  • Weight at address is evenly distributed
  • Body alignment parallel to the target line
  • Clubhead travels in the shape of an arc
  • Backswing and follow through equal parts

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