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Team Building Events

Team Building Events

Research has shown that one of the most effective approaches to building effective team bonds is to learn a new skill together.  If you are searching for ways to improve the performance of your team or to reward them for extraordinary performance then let Back Tee Sports help you conceive the ideal corporate team building program.

Whether it be a 3-day golf school at a beautiful luxury resort, a fantastic ski weekend in fresh powder, or just a half-day of instruction from some of the best teaching professionals in the country tacked onto a business meeting, we can help you design and deliver a program that meets your specific team-building objectives.

Many of our clients use us to plan their executive management retreats which invariably incorporate team competitions of some sort.  We’ve arranged things such as croquet tournaments, quick-draw contests, putting and chipping tournaments, night golf, and many, many more.  We are limited only by our collective imagination.