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For many outdoor sports enthusiasts, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as standing at the top of a freshly groomed mountain anxiously awaiting that deep powder, the smell of pine, and the deafening silence of a solo run. Turning that moment into an experience that can help you strengthen your business relationships is our aim each time we design a Back Tee Sports event.

While there are no shortage of great skiing venues, locating the right options that meet your objectives and then creating the perfect program takes incredible attention to detail and intense focus on planning.  That’s precisely the approach we take when working with you on a winter sports event.

Several of the resorts we typically use are quite large but our experience and relationship with these properties allow us to create the unique, warm and personal atmosphere that allows real relationship-building to occur casually, yet effectively.  The key to any event planning is to truly understand your objectives upfront and as much as possible about the type of guests that will be joining you, thereby better enabling us to customize the experience.  As in golf, skill levels can be quite diverse among your guests, therefore making the program as impactful for all levels creates a challenge our team has years of experience meeting.

If you think skiing may be just the thing to give your customer relationships a lift, give us a call to explore how Back Tee Sports might partner with you to reach your goals.

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