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Fly Fishing

There’s long been a strong connection between golf and fishing.  Whether it be the individual challenge of both sports or just the simple connection with nature, we have found the vast majority of our clients who enjoy one also have an affinity for the other.  It’s been our pleasure to design and deliver a host of fly fishing events over the years, all of which have been incredibly successful delivering rave reviews.

As with our other programs, Back Tee Sports will work with you to design the event with your specific needs as the governing driver.  The unique challenge with fly fishing, as with big game hunting, is creating the optimal amount of interaction between you and your clients without limiting the time they get to enjoy an individual sport.  Our event planners will use their talent and experience to deliver the best of both worlds so your guests enhance not only their skills with the rod but also their connection with you.

A couple of our clients have recently enjoyed a new offering we’ve created that combines fly fishing and golf into a friendly “Ryder Cup”-type competition.  The camaraderie created during these events has been tremendous and our clients’ guests learn new skills in two sports that serve them well for a lifetime.

Call us to learn more about how a fly fishing event might be a great way for your company to enhance your business connections.

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