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Big Game Hunting

Many of our clients have found the thrill of chasing big game coupled with the lure of the beautiful outdoors to be an incredibly effective relationship-building tool.  Being part of an expedition when one of your party takes a trophy animal can be a life-long bond, and the details of that event are relived year after year further strengthening that important bond.

Back Tee Sports takes a comprehensive approach to creating that impactful excursion…from locating venue options based on your demographics, to arranging for the licenses, providing transportation, coordinating with the guides, and of course providing on-site event coordination if you wish.  Details such as post-hunt taxidermy, meat processing, and the like will also be handled with the same passion for excellence we employ on all our programs.

An example of one of our partner providers is Loco Mountain Outfitters.  Owner Jim Flynn, a former DuPont executive, has been hosting hunters of all ages and experiences for years.  The Loco Mountain venue is one of the most beautiful in Colorado and Jim welcomes guests to his ranch with red carpet treatment.  With stocked trout ponds, all manner of motorcycles and ATV’s, and access to some fantastic trail horses, Loco Mountain Outfitters is more than just a wonderful hunting experience…it’s a memory-making adventure.

So when the call of the wild is something you may be hearing, please contact us to discuss how we might help plan that perfect outdoor experience.

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